We are the Maine Conference, UCC!

Welcome to the Maine Conference, United Church of Christ!

We are 153 congregations spread throughout the state of Maine.  We gather in large Cathedral-like churches with sizable congregations, and we unite in the Meeting Houses of small rural communities.  On Sundays we will hear from our sanctuaries traditional hymns as well as contemporary Christian music.  From our pulpits we will hear Good News preached that can comfort our souls, prick our conscience, and provoke deep spiritual reflection. We are a Christian community of faith – all 16,000 of us.

Throughout each week we find each other serving our churches, our seven Associations, and our Conference.  We are a committed laity and clergy working together to build up the realm of God in our midst.  Whether we are stocking a food pantry, singing songs of praise, splashing in Lake Cobbosseecontee, or re-roofing a seminary in Honduras, we are people united in Christ.  We are also a diverse community, a people of integrity, as we express our faith and struggle with the difficult issues that face our churches, our communities, our state, country, and world.

The Conference has voted to move into a new model of governance, staffing and programming. The Moving Forward Together Strategic Plan outlines the projected transition into a network, community-based model.

The Conference is served by a Conference Minister and an Associate Conference Minister. Currently, the Conference Ministry staff provide service and support to ministers and congregations throughout the state.  However, in the areas of ministerial search and call, conflict mediation, and Committee on Ministry issues, they divide the Conference geographically.

The Conference is also served by a competent administrative, program, and support staff, including:  Anne Hodgman, Executive Assistant and Accounting Assistant; Renita Dehais, Treasury Assistant; Rev. Bob Ross, Director of the Maine School of Ministry; Rev. Melinda Trotti, Interim Director of Outdoor Ministries; and Karen Steelhammer, Administrative Assistant of Outdoor Ministries.  Each and every staff member of the Maine Conference UCC serves the churches, the Associations, and Jesus Christ.

Blessings upon you and your congregation as we share in our common ministry.

Deborah J. Blood, Conference Minister
Darren L. Morgan, Associate Conference Minister

Waterford, First - Copy