Maine Conference Minister

Rev. Deborah J. Blood



The Rev. Deborah J. Blood will be coming from Connecticut where she has been serving in a local church setting for the past ten years. She was born in Massachusetts and has consistently spent time in Maine, both while growing up and returning frequently later in life, enjoying places from Monhegan Island to a cabin in Rumford Center. She has ties going back generations, her family having once farmed in Cherryfield.

Deborah has worked as a music teacher, a practicing attorney, and a local church pastor. Her participation in the life of the church is broad. She has had extensive training in mediation and conflict resolution for churches and has contributed this expertise in different settings. In the national setting Deborah has chaired the Wider Church Ministries and Common Global Ministries Boards, and travelled widely under the auspices of Wider Church Ministries.

In the Association and Conference settings she has served on Church and Ministry, facilitated New Clergy Community of Practice, co-chaired the Sacred Conversations on Race Ministry Team, and chairs the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Conference. One of Deborah’s colleagues said Deborah “is so ready for Conference Ministry. She has been right at the front of our restructure, willing to try new things.”

Deborah will come here equipped and ready to move forward with us. She is passionate about the role she can play in the Maine Conference UCC and its congregations. She is hopeful about new ways for the church to be faithful in the days and years to come. And she is pragmatic in terms of doing the hard work of providing cooperative leadership to accomplish the task.