June 22, 2016
Call to Action and Invitation from your Maine Conference Staff
by Rev. Deborah Blood

March 30, 2016
The Small Church Story Project: What Is Your Story Now?
by Revs. Doug Dunlap & Susie Craig

March 23, 2016
Sunrise Association Newsletter “Keeping Connected”
by Kathy Woodside

March 16, 2016
Lamb House: A Refuge from Fire and Storm
by Rev. Larry Zimmerman

March 2, 2016
Historic Church Steeple Gets a Facelift
by Rev. Tim Hall

February 3, 2016
Broad Bay Congregational United Church of Christ, Waldoboro
by Rev. Nancy Duncan

January 27, 2016
Heart, Service, and Fellowship with the Congo Craftsmen of Bethel
by Rev. Bryan Breault

January 20, 2016
Food Pantry Outreach, High Street Congregational Church, Auburn
by Anne Hodgman

January 13, 2016
Small Church Vitality is Not an Oxymoron! The Story of the New Sharon Congregational Church
by Rev. Darren L. Morgan

January 6, 2016
There Goes the Neighborhood!
by Rev. Bill Bliss

December 31, 2015
Keeping the Home Fires Burning
by Renita Dehais

December 10, 2015
A Ministry of Love
by Rev. Lydia C. Hews

November 25, 2015
Centre Street Congregational Church, Machias
by Rev. Deborah Blood

Nine Characteristic of Congregational Vitality

Alban Institute 2003

  1. A positive, healthy spirit that can be sensed by first-time worshipers.
  2. A clear sense that the gathered people are caught up in a movement that matters, and that this vocation has found traction in their lives.
  3. Authenticity – a sense of “realness” rather than pretense; an unashamed immersion in the church’s ancient story.
  4. Courage to address the depths of the human condition and to enter the darkest corridors of pain and suffering.
  5. A visibly unshakable hopefulness, gratitude, and joy about life and the future.
  6. The ability to cry together and laugh together.
  7. An atmosphere of creative conflict, with passions running deep about the life of the community and its purpose.
  8. A gift for serving as a grace-filled place of healing
  9. A spirit of resilience, accompanied by enormous capacities to weather adversity.