Boundary Awareness Training

Boundary Awareness Training

Why Invest Time in Boundary Awareness Training?

Have you ever wondered what you would do when someone asks you to “bend a rule” because they are so valuable to the church (or because they’ve known you for a long time)?

Have you ever felt the need to just “vent” about how hard it is doing Christian ministry in a society that no longer supports the church, but you aren’t sure whom you can talk to about your frustration?

Have you ever wondered what to do about “an attraction” that is growing, and is nice between you and someone in your work-setting – is it ok, or do you need to put an end to it?

If you have these kinds of questions, then congratulations – you are normal! But you could benefit from registering for a Boundary Awareness Training. It is the place where you can think and share with ministerial colleagues about these real life questions and the “gray” areas of ministry.

The Maine Conference United Church of Christ sponsored Boundary Awareness Trainings:

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